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Are you an organization willing to lawfully promote your business through lottery whilst fulfilling your CSR objectives

Partnership Opportunity With NLA

The National Lottery Authority (NLA) is mandated by the act 722 to:
Conduct as part of its operations lotteries or games of chance with the aim of raising revenue for funding identified social causes or projects to advance social development.
For this purpose the NLA has created the caritas lottery platform that enables it to run short-term lottery games solely or in partnership with entities who share common objectives as per their CSR and business promotional activities.

Social Interventions So Far

  • Donated Blood Bank Refrigeration equipment to six (6) district Hospital in the country.
  • Procured Electric Power Drills to the Korle-Bu Accident Center.
  • Helped finance kidney transplants
  • Supported the cancer unit and children's ward at Korle-Bu.
  • Built a six (6) classroom block in the Eastern Region
  • Supported the Ghana Olympic committee
  • Donation of Intra Aortic Balloon Pump (IABP) to the national Cardio-Thoracic Center, Korle-Bu
  • Several other life enhancing projects in Education, Health, Sports & Arts/Culture

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Here's How

Submit your internally approved Promotion Business Plan with the following details:
Objectives, Target Audience, Mechanism, Duration, Communication Plan, Projected P & L, Terms and Conditions and any other relevant information to run the promotion to:

P.O.BOX GP506,

Terms and Conditions apply, NLA reserves the right to choose which coporate entity to partner with on the Caritas Platform


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