Can I be paid for my lost ticket?
No please. The ticket is a bearer bond.
When I have a challenge redeeming my wins at your partner bank what do I do next?
Report to any NLA District or Regional Office or Call Head Office Call Centre on 0302671646
How long does it take to redeem prizes?
You can claim your cash prize instantly and in full after draw date and before 14 days.
How do I claim my money when I win?
Prizes are redeemed at any NLA Partner Banks across the country which includes, GCB Bank, NIB, ZENITH, UNIBANK, ADB ,UMB, BANK OF AFRICA, HFC and ACCESS Bank
How will I know if I win?
Draws are held every day for each Game by 6:30pm in the Brenan Hall of NLA . Results of draws are then published on the NLA website, in press and on all NLA Scoreboards across the country.
How much can one win?
For a GH¢1 play, you will win the following, Direct 1: GH¢36.00, Direct 2: GH¢213.00,Direct 3: GH¢ 1707, Direct 4: GH¢4,445.00, Direct 5: GH¢35,560.00
How does one win 5/90 games
A draw is held each day to randomly select 5 out of the 90 balls numbered 1-90. If the numbers on the selected balls match any of the numbers selected by the player, he stands a chance of winning.
Who can play it?
5/90 fixed Odds game is a lottery game which is available to players 18years and above.
How is it played?
Playing involves the selection of at least 1 and at most 5 out of 90 numbers at a play. Players after selecting their lucky numbers are issued with a ticket detailing the numbers selected, amount and time of Draw by the Retailer from the POST.
What is 5/90 games on Point Of Sales Terminal (POST)
5/90 Games on POST are fixed Odds games played on a Point Of Sale Terminal Operated by NLA Licensed Retailers across the country. There are six (6) 5/90 games available for playing every week, namely Monday Special, Lucky Tuesday, Midweek lotto, Fortune Thursday, Friday Bonanza and National Weekly

What is Soccer Cash?
Soccer-Cash is a pool based game for football lovers where a minimum of 12 fixtures are provided for players to predict outcome weekly. tthe 12 fixtures will be chosen from selected leagues all over the world to include the famous EPL, LA Liga and Bundesliga, the local Ghanaian leagues and other ones that may be of interest at the time of selection.
How is it played?
Playing Soccer-Cash involves the prediction of the "Home team" or "Away team" winning or the match ending in a "Draw" for each of the 12 matches available for the week.
Who can play it?
Soccer-Cash is a lottery game which is available to players 18 years and above.
How does one win Soccer-Cash
To win, one must predict at least 10 out of the 12 matches correctly.
what does one win?
Soccer-Cash is a dividend game, which means players win from a pool of sales of tickets.

  • 35% of the pool goes to players who get 10 out of the 12 matches predictions right
  • 20% goes to the players who get 11 of the 12 matches predictions rright
  • 45% of the pool goes to players who get all 12 matches predictions right.

It is pari-mutual which means that each person in a particular pool walks away with the same amount of cash. So if 10 players predicted 12 matches correctly and 35% of the pool is e.g. Gh¢20000, each player will walk away with Gh¢2000 each.

How will I know if I win?
Draws will be held every Thursday after all fixtures have been played. Results of draws will be published on the NLA website, in Press, NLA Scoreboards, and at all NLA retailer outlets.
What happens to my money if I do not win?
The NLA is on of the revenue generation institutions of Ghana. With the numerous challenges facing the country , the institution deems it fit to diversify its products to earn more revenue for national development. Soccer-Cash is one of the new products. Playing Soccer-Cash means you are contributing to sports and National development even if you do not win.
How much should I have to play Soccer-Cash?
You should have at least GH¢1.00 to play Soccer-Cash. Tickets can also be purchased in multiples of GH¢1.00, e.g. GH¢2.00, GH¢7.00 but not in pesewas like GH¢4.50
Where can I find Soccer-Cash to play?
Soccer-Cash is available at all NLA Retailer outlets and coming soon on the NLA mobile platform.
When is the draw of Soccer-Cash?
There is a draw every Thursday at 11:00 am for fixtures played during the weekend, unless otherwise announced.
What makes Soccer-Cash different from 5/90 Lotto Game?
Soccer-Cash is a dividend game while 5/90 is a fixed odds game. Fixed odds reward each individual winner based on the amount played. Dividend game rewards winners from a pool of sales of tickets and rewards tend to be very attractive since it is sales driven and all the revenue allocated to the pot is shared irrespective of number of winners.
Can I play Soccer-Cash Online?
Soccer-Cash is not available online at the moment.


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